work contact: [email protected]


♡What tools do you use?
Clip Studio Paint + a Wacom tablet!😊 I used free softwares like FireAlpaca and MediBang for a long time before getting CSP so if you're starting out I definitely recommend them!

♡Can I use your art as my profile picture/header?
Yes, but only with visible credit on your bio please! Just please don't use my OCs for role playing.

♡Can I use your art as my phone background?
Of course, go ahead!💜

♡Can I repost your art?
On twitter: No, please just retweet instead.
On tumblr: No, please just reblog instead.
On instagram: Only with visible credit to my instagram account @mgtxs.art
On other websites: Please ask me first.

♡Can I edit your art?

♡Can I use your art for commercial purposes?
No! You can email me if you'd like to get art by me done for commercial purposes.

♡What's your art-making process like?
I have a few process videos up on my channel and I regularly post process gifs on my Patreon!💜 But my process varies from piece to piece.

♡How can I support your art?
🥺💜Retweets/reblogs help a lot and getting comments on my art always makes me extremely happy!! Just that is more than enough💜If you'd like to support me further you can:
♡Join my Patreon
Buy me a coffee
♡Get a print of one of my drawings
♡Or commission me to draw you something!
Thank you!🥺💜


♡Commissions are for personal use only (commercial use not allowed, you cannot sell them/profit from them). The rights of the artwork belong to me. You can use it as your icon/header, post it on your account and print it for yourself (or for the recipient if it was a gift). For any other use please discuss it with me first.

♡These are the base prices, they vary depending on the complexity of the commission. More elaborate backgrounds and small animations like blinking/sparkles are also available at an additional price!

♡The extra character prices refer to more characters together in the same drawing, not separate canvases/commissions.

♡Will do OCs, fanart or real people (yourself, your family/friends, celebrities)

♡Send references of the character/person you want me to draw, the clothes you want them to wear, your preferred background color, mood for the piece and any other specific details! As well as your paypal email so I can send you the invoice. DM me on Twitter or Tumblr for any inquiries♡

♡Commission examples: